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Coquitlam Hot Water Tanks

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Coquitlam Hot Water Tank Installation & Repair

Issues finding a effective and reliable plumber in Coquitlam for hot water tank installation? Mr. Swirl Coquitlam Plumber can help.

For residents of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody, Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber Coquitlam provides friendly hot water tank installation services and repair. Our expertise in hot water tank installations allows us to find our customers the most efficient ENERGY STAR hot water tanks for their homes or commercial establishments. Call Mr. Swirl the Friendly Plumber in Coquitlam today at 604.435.4664.

Hot water is a necessity and is common in all homes in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and in fact, in all of British Columbia. Most residents and business owners want to have hot water delivered to them in the most conventional fashion, that is, with a hot water tank or tankless water heater.

Not every hot water tank is the same. Some homes and businesses require smaller hot water tanks to accommodate limited spaces, but larger homes, require larger hot water tanks to accommodate additional residents inside of the home. The same applies to business clients. Contact us today and we’ll run through some hot water tank options that may suit your needs and your budget.

I called Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber Coquitlam for my hot water shutoff. My technician was Upkar Thind who came out and fixed our hot water shutoff for us in Coquitlam. Upkar was kind and courteous, did a great job and man was he fast! From point of call in to completion was less than two hours. Thanks so much Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber Coquitlam for helping us avoid a nasty flood!

Shawn B.

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Hot Water Tank Repair, Installation, Or Replacement in Coquitlam

Does your hot water taste funny? When was the last time you’ve replaced your hot water tank? When it’s time to install, repair, or replace your hot water tank, the friendly plumbers over at Mr. Swirl Coquitlam are here to help! Our plumbers are continuously trained on all modern hot water tank and on-demand tankless options such as Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch, and more.

You can be sure that Mr. Swirl will find you the best electric hot water tank, best gas hot water tank, best tankless on-demand heater that will fit your budget, and your needs.

Is It Time To Repair Or Replace Your Hot Water Tank?

If your hot water tank is over 5-7 years old, we suggest having your hot water tank replaced with a modern system, if it hasn’t been maintained over the years. Flushing your hot water tank monthly is a recommended plumbing maintenance task.

Do you have questions about your hot water tank or tankless water heater? Call Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber in Coquitlam at 604.435.4664.

What Should You Look For In A Hot Water Tank?

Things aren’t the way they used to be. Years ago, appliances, such as hot water tanks used to last over 20 years. You used to buy a home, and forget about the hot water tank. Not anymore.

New hot water tanks are ENERGY STAR efficient but they never last as long as they used to years ago. There are also so many hot water tank options to choose from. Let us help you choose your hot water tank or tankless water heater.

Electric Hot Water Tanks

Electric hot water tanks use electricity to power and heat the water. It heats one or two elements within the tank to provide you with hot water for your showers, bathroom, kitchen, and other fixtures. An electric hot water tank does not require any type of venting, however, it does require a constant and dedicated power source.

One thing to remember is never to turn on the power to your hot water tank before the tank is full as the elements will burn out. On average, electric hot water tanks are often less efficient than a gas hot water tank. If you really want a gas hot water tank, and currently have an electric tank, consider a tankless water heater.

Gas Hot Water Tanks

Gas Hot Water Tanks run on natural gas to heat up the water inside of your tank which is then delivered throughout your home or business. With a gas water tank, it needs to be vented properly to prevent gas fumes within your home or business.

Some hot water tanks are also eligible for the Fortis Rebate Program. We also run promotions from time to time to help you with the costs of installing a hot water tank. Before your repair, install, or replace a hot water tank, we’ll find you the best deal for your home, family, or business.

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