As your local Lower Mainland drainage experts, Mr. Swirl, the friendly plumber has seen just about every drainage problem there is. We’ve been the best drain cleaning service providers for over 20 years, so rest assured knowing that we have seen it all! In this blog, we’ll break down the most common drainage problems, what you can do and how we can help as your local friendly plumber.



When hiring a plumber, a crack is something you never want to see! Cracks in your drainage pipes are a huge headache and often will require a lot of repiping. Cracks in your plumbing can be very small for instance millimeters in length and width, but will still cause leaks in your plumbing system. A leak caused by a crack could be very small or very large but either way, it will need to be repaired by a friendly Mr. Swirl Poco plumber.

Cracks are often caused by overuse in your drainage pipes and they’re fairly unavoidable. To avoid cracks in the future we recommend making sure that your piping is the right size and quality when it’s installed. Also, if you get a garbage disposal unit installed for your drainage, make sure it can handle the amount of waste you’ll be creating. If you suspect a crack in your drainage system, Mr. Swirl can use a drain-line camera to view the inside of your system and detect any cracks or abnormalities.



Easily the most common drainage issue is a clog. Clogs in your drainage are pretty easy to understand, a build-up of grease, fat, coffee grinds, soap or hair are all common offenders and will completely block your pipes. These can develop over a long period of time or spring up all of a sudden. You’ll be able to tell if you have a full clogged drain because nothing will drain, and you’ll end up with everything you put down, come right back up. If it is a long-time developing clogged drain, you can also tell by water draining much slower than usual or a foul smell coming from your drains.

DIY methods are not recommended for clogged drains, as often additional damage can be cause to your drainage system. Hire a friendly Mr. Swirl Poco plumber to assess your drain with our drain-line cameras, then decide the perfect way to unclog your drain. The most common solutions we use are drain snaking or drain cleaning, but there is a large variety of ways to unclog your drainage.


Root Intrusions

Your drainage system travels well beneath the surface of the earth and underneath your home, meaning it shares a home with a lot of tree and plant roots. These roots are stronger than one might think and if they’re thirsty enough, they will seek out the moisture in your pipes and actually puncture through to get to your drain. The roots will either slip through at a joint or just punch a hole right through your pipes.

This will either cause an immediate problem aka big leaks and flooding or can go unnoticed. However, this will always result in a problem because drainage will get hung up on the intruding roots and create a clogged drain. Drain-line cameras will show root intrusions clearly and can be repaired from there.

What Are The Most Important Common Drainage Problems? Drainage | Mr Swirl


Open Joints

Joints are where two pieces of piping meet and are held together either in a corner or straight area. After time, these joints can open up from poor installation or overuse. Once the joint has opened even a millimeter, leaks will start to happen and cause damage in your drainage system and home. Opened joints need to be repaired by a professional Mr. Swirl plumber where they can either be patched or completely replaced.



Flooding, although not a direct problem with drainage, is one of the most common outcomes of a drain breakdown. Flooding is just about the last thing you want in your home or business. It can create very significant damage, destroy valuable possessions, cost a lot of money to have restored and take a lot of valuable time to be repaired. On top of that, flooding in your home is awful for your health, breathing in the raw sewage and drainage is unhealthy and can make your sick. Floods suck! Plain and simple.

We hate to see flooded properties and take on the immense responsibility to work on your drainage system to assure that no floods ever take place! If you’re having drainage problems of any sort, have Mr. Swirl repair your drainage system properly so that you never have to face a flood. We can also do home inspections for homeowners in Poco, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge etc. where we’ll run through your whole plumbing system to make sure there will be no upcoming problems.


We hope with the knowledge of the most common drainage problems we see at Mr. Swirl, you can better understand the drainage in your home or business. To better maintain your drains, you can purchase Mr. Swirl’s all-natural drain cleaner which helps maintain the state of your drains or hire a friendly Mr. Swirl plumber to asses your system with drain-line cameras.

In case of emergency, we are even open 24/7 to help you with plumbing or drainage emergencies. So, if you reside in Port Moody, Poco, New West, Coquitlam, Vancouver, Mission, Maple Ridge, Langley, Pitt Meadows, Surrey, White Rock or Port Kells we are the drainage experts for you! Book us online today or give us a ring at 604-435-4664 and we promise to make your day better!