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If you live in Coquitlam, you likely use some type of hot water tank to get hot water to your kitchen and bathroom. There are many different types of hot water tanks, and whether you’re thinking about installing or replacing your hot water tank, we’ll inform you on everything you need to know about hot water tanks.

When to replace your hot water tank?

There are many reasons why you might need to replace your hot water tank. Back in the day hot water tanks were durable and lasted up to 20 years without any attention. Unfortunately, the durability of hot water tanks has been sacrificed for energy efficiency. This will have you saving money in the long run, however hot water tank replacements are more common than ever. If your hot water tank is 5-7 years old and starting to face issues it could be time for a hot water tank replacement. These are some common symptoms and their possible hot water tank problems.

Symptom Possible Problems
Rust on your hot water tank/rust in hot water -Faulty water pump

-Old age

Unfamiliar noises from hot water tank -Faulty water pump

-Old age

Leaking from the hot water tank -Loose connections

-Old age

You’re not getting hot water when desired -Broken thermostat

-Wrong size tank for your situation

-Faulty heating element

Odour in hot water -Bacteria build up in your hot water tank
Variance in hot water flow -Blockages in pipes

-Faulty water pump


If you’re experiencing any hot water tank isusues, a replacement hot water tank might be needed and a plumber from Mr. Swirl, the friendly plumber will be able to diagnose and fix your hot water tank issues. If you have any questions or concerns about your hot water tank call Mr. Swirl, the friendly plumber’s 24/7 phone line at 604.435.4664.

Types of Hot Water Tanks

Gas Hot Water Tanks

Gas hot water tanks are the classic method used and most older homes and buildings in Lower Mainland use them. Gas hot water tanks use natural gas and a burner to heat up the water and deliver it to the appropriate fixture.

Since these hot water tanks use natural gas, they require proper venting to ensure that toxic fumes don’t end up in your home or business.

Gas hot water tanks can be more expensive than their electric counterpart due to their size and parts required, but they’re more efficient than electric hot water tanks. A high-quality gas hot water tank will likely have a longer lifetime than most hot water tanks, therefore if you’re thinking long term, a premium gas hot water tank should be your choice.

Electric Hot Water Tanks 

Contrary to gas hot water tanks, electric hot water tanks are a newer invention and require less parts, making them cheaper to install. Electric hot water tanks require a dedicated power source and use one or two electric heating elements to heat the water.

These tanks will not require ventilation since they are all electric. Because of this, electric hot water tanks are often cheaper, and easier to install. However, they are less efficient than gas, and the difference in initial cost will show on your power bill.

Electric hot water tanks are recommended in lesser usage situations due to their efficiency. If you’re a small family or don’t require as much hot water an electric hot water tank is the perfect option for you!

Tankless Water Heaters 

A tankless water heater works much differently than either gas or electric hot water tanks. Although you can still choose a gas or electric tankless setup, there is no tank involved. Therefore, instead of holding a large amount of hot water, a burner or electric element will be placed in your water system and when you demand hot water it will pass through these elements on the way to your fixture.

The drawback of tankless water heaters is their capability. If you require a medium to larger amount of hot water, tankless water heaters can’t always keep up. Once you start to you use multiple sources of hot water at once tankless heaters will struggle.

Tankless water heaters will require a higher initial cost due to their complexity. However, tankless water heaters have a much higher life expectancy than simple gas or electric hot water tanks.

What Size Hot Water Tank is Right for Me?

The size of hot water tank right for you depends on the amount of people using hot water and your usage. Standard tank sizes are 40, 50 or 60 gallons.

Use this to determine which size tank is right for you: 

If you’re in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley or the Greater Vancouver Area and have a question about hot water tanks and which one is right for you, give us a ring at 604.435.4664, we’re the best plumbers in the Lower Mainland!

How do I Get a Hot Water Tank Installed?

If you need a hot water tank installation, replacement or repair look no further than Mr. Swirl, the friendly plumber! Most plumbers will overcharge or do a sloppy job on your hot water tank installation, but at Mr. Swirl we’re the most honest and reliable plumbers in the Lower Mainland, the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area. Book an appointment online today or give us a ring to see how we can make your day better!