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Frozen Pipes

Count on us to protect your property and take all measurements to prevent any frozen pipe repairs. Cold temperatures are a reality for Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The same way that we protect our bodies from the cold, wearing warm coats to keep ourselves healthy, it is important to shield our pipes to keep them functioning properly. 

Your pipes carry water, which expands when it freezes. This can cause serious problems for even the toughest commercial plumbing system. If your pipes are not properly insulated and covered, the frozen water can create major pressure and ultimately lead to cracks, leaks, or bursts. 

Pipes that are directly exposed to extreme cold weather are more susceptible to freezing and causing damage. It is important to protect your property pipes early on, ideally before the winter begins bringing the temperature down. 

If left unnoticed, frozen water pipes can cause major leaks and catastrophes. Just one pipe burst can cause a building to lose 4-8 gallons of water a minute and cost thousands of dollars to repair. To prevent such damage, it is crucial that you take the proper preventative steps to preserve your pipes. Identifying frozen pipes, should they occur can help prevent a burst or other damages.

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Signs of frozen pipes:

  • Persistent plumbing issues
  • Pipes covered in ice 
  • Low water pressure 
  • Damp drywall 
  • Unusual sounds and odors from your pipes 

Pipes that are most vulnerable to freezing:

  • Water sprinkler lines 
  • Outdoor hoses 
  • Plumbing in unheated interiors, such as the basement, garage, etc. 
  • Outdoor pipes with no insulation
Frozen Pipes

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