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Grease Trap

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Grease Trap

We have friendly and trained technicians ready to help with your grease trap replacement, installation and repair. Grease and oil traps in commercial facilities serve a very important environmental function, if you operate a food service company such as a restaurant or a commercial kitchen, a grease and oil trap is a necessity. 

Attached to the drainage system of your plumbing, a grease trap removes fats, oil, and grease that goes down the drain and prevents it from clogging up. If these substances are not removed, they can congeal and clot causing hazardous sewage flooding. They can also leach into the surrounding soil and contaminate the ground and water supplies. 

Local health codes require most establishments to have grease traps installed and regularly inspected. Usually, the grease trap must be examined and cleaned at least once every 90 consecutive days; or when the total thickness of fats, oils and grease and solids in the grease interceptor is equal to 25% or more of the wastewater depth    whichever occurs first, or at any time an officer or the Sewage Control Manager directs.

Ensure that your business stays compliant to our municipal bylaws to avoid costly fines or bills. You can rely on Mr Swirl The Friendly Plumber to take care of any grease trap services you may need.

Here are some indicators that a grease trap needs to be cleaned immediately:

  • Clogged Drain Lines
  • Foul Smells
  • Sewer Backups
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