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Langley Hot Water Tanks

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Langley Hot Water Tanks Installation & Repair

If you live in Langley, you may struggle to find a reliable, trustworthy plumber to service, install or repair your hot water tank. If this is an issue you’re facing look no further than Mr. Swirl. The friendly Langley plumber.

We are the best plumbers in Langley, and will service anyone in the area!

Mr. Swirl, the friendly Langley plumber services electric or gas hot water tanks with the friendliest service out there. We’re taking it upon ourselves to break the stigma of regular old plumbers, by being friendly, fair and reliable. We will make sure that you get the best price, the best service and become your Langley plumber for life. So, if you’re in Langley and need hot water tank installation or a hot water tank repair, give our 24/7/365 phone line a ring at 604.435.4664 to hire the best plumbers in Langley or book a plumber online.

Jean-Luc was a fabulous plumber/tech. His service to replace our hot water tank was flawless and super fast. In by morning out by lunch! He was very professional and so knowledgeable! He educated us on our pipe system and we had no idea how damaging draino was to our home system! Would highly recommend and will be calling again in the future!

Sabrina M.

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We Service Everyone in Langley

If you live in Langley you might have any style of hot water tank. You might be living in an older home, newly built development or own a commercial area. Whether your hot water tank is 20 years old and needs replacement or is a newer hot water tank that requires scheduled maintenance, Mr. Swirl, the friendly Langley plumber has your back.

Unfortunately, hot water tanks don’t last as long as they used to. Old hot water tanks used to last sometimes over 20 years with no service, but now with a shorter lifespan comes ENERGY STAR efficiency which leaves you saving money in the long run.

Whether it’s a gas or electric hot water tank in Langley we provide ENERGY STAR efficient tanks from Rheem, Rinnai or Bosch which work at the best efficiency to save you money.

Our Langley plumbers are the most knowledgeable and highly trained in hot water tank installations and replacements. Along with our quick service staff and 24/7 phone line comes the best hot water tank service in Langley We’ll be at your door ready to solve your problem with a smile on our face faster than any other plumber in Langley.

Emergency Hot Water Tank Services in Langley

Hot water tanks can be prone to emergencies, whether it is a leak that could lead to ruined floors or cold showers that ruin your schedule, these things do happen. Nobody wants to face the issue of going without hot water as it is a severe and unfriendly adjustment. That’s why at Mr. Swirl, the friendly Langley plumber we offer emergency plumbing and hot water tank service, replacements and repairs. As soon as you face an issue with your hot water tank, give our Langley plumbers a call at 604.435.4664 and see how we can make your day better!

Electric Hot Water Tanks in Langley

Most homes and commercials areas either have an electric hot water tank or a gas hot water tank. Electric hot water tanks in Langley require dedicated power sources and one to two elements needed to heat the water. These 2 unique features of electric hot water tanks can sometimes be the reason for issues.

If you own an electric hot water tank and you notice your running out of hot water faster than usual, burning odours from your hot water tank and water or your water taste funny it might be time for a hot water tank replacement or repair. Mr. Swirl, the friendly Langley plumber is the fastest, most reliable and friendliest plumber in Langley for the job!

Gas Hot Water Tanks in Langley

Contrary to electric hot water tanks, gas hot water tanks do not use any power source or elements but use natural gas to heat your water and deliver it to the appropriate fixtures. Since they use natural gases, these hot water tanks require proper ventilation to assure there are no fumes in your living space.

Gas hot water tanks in Langley Township tend to be slightly more efficient than electric hot water tanks and some may switch to a gas hot water tank for this reason. Also, some gas hot water tanks are eligible for the Fortis Rebate Program to save you even more money. If you live in Langley and are thinking about installing a gas hot water tank Mr. Swirl the friendly Langley plumber is here for you!

When is it time for a New Hot Water Tank?

If your hot water tank is as little as 5-7 years old it could be time for a hot water tank replacement. Modern systems run at the most ENERGY STAR efficient pace but don’t last as long, the good thing for you is that you’ll save money due to their efficiency in the long run. You can also extend the lifetime of your hot water tank by flushing it monthly with our friendly Langley plumbers.

If you have any questions about the lifetime of your hot water tank, its maintenance or replacement, we’re the most reliable plumbers in Langley to give you an honest and fair quote. Give our 24/7 phone line a ring to see how we can make your day better at 604.435.4664.

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