With summer approaching at a rapid pace in the Lower Mainland, what can you do to prepare your plumbing system? It may seem that plumbing shouldn’t be a problem in the summer when less heat is required, pipes can’t freeze over and furnaces are replaced with fans, however, the summer tests our plumbing more than you would know. Summer is the perfect time to assess where your plumbing is at, save some money used on heating requirements and get big outdoor jobs and renovations done.

In the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver Area, we’re expecting one of the hottest summers ever which also means more water usage and stress on our plumbing. So, if you live in or anywhere near Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Port Moody, Surrey, Langley, Mission, Burnaby, New Westminster or Vancouver Mr. Swirl has you covered this summer.

Plumbing Tips For This Summer In The Lower Mainland Plumbing Maintenance | Mr Swirl

Plumbing Tips and Tricks for This Summer in the Lower Mainland


Check Your Sprinkler System


The hot months of the year require extra sprinkler usage and sometimes the system sits all year until being kicked into action in June. When firing up your sprinkler system check for any leaks or cracks. A leak in your sprinkler system will not only cause you to waste valuable water and money but can also cause severe damage especially if your line goes underground. If you have any leaks in your sprinkler system or leaking pipes at all, call a friendly Mr. Swirl Coquitlam or Maple Ridge plumber right away and have us assess and repair the leak.


Monitor Clogged Drains with Drain Cleaner


In the summer comes more showers, handwashing and cooking which all play a big role in clogging up your drains. Clogged drains are an inconvenience to everyone and create a huge problem when they arrive. Avoid clogged drains this summer by getting your drains cleaned ahead of time. You know the increased usage is coming, so have a friendly Mr. Swirl Coquitlam or Maple Ridge plumber get those drains cleaned before the dreaded clogged drain happens.

Mr. Swirl also has our own all-natural drain cleaner. This specially created drain cleaner is all-natural and perfect for clearing clogged drains waiting to happen. It’s also easy to use and you can just pour it down a potentially clogged drain. Call Mr. Swirl to see how you can get your hands on our all-natural drain cleaner.


Deal with Leaky Faucets


We’ve all got those leaky faucets slowly dripping away our precisions water and money. Hopefully, in the summer you’ll get some time off work or school and have time to notice these leaking faucets. With the rise in forest fires and need for extra water in the summer don’t let your leaky faucet waste away that valuable water. There’s no better time to have Mr. Swirl come fix a leaking faucet than this summer.


Turn off your Hot Water Tank


Although we still need hot water tanks for cooking and washing, if you plan on going away for vacation or even just a weekend, don’t waste the energy it takes to run your hot water tank. Hot water tank timers are available and make sure that your hot water tank is not running during the periods when you don’t need it. Whether you have an electric hot water tank, gas hot water tank or tankless water heater, make sure it’s shut off when you’re away this summer. Contact Mr. Swirl Coquitlam or Maple Ridge today. Wherever you are in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley or Greater Vancouver Area, we’ll get your hot water tank saving you money.


Monitor your Garbage Disposal


In the summertime more fresh vegetables and fruits are available and the barbeques are broken out. These factors all lead to more waste going into your garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are very reliable but sometimes this increase in use is enough to cause a clog or malfunction. Keep a close eye on your garbage disposal during the summer and if you suspect an issue with your garbage disposal, Mr. Swirl is who you need to call. We’re garbage disposal experts!


Look out for Leaks from Over Winter


Throughout the winter and fall your plumbing and pipes have been working hard to keep you warm and comfortable. In the summer we should return the favor by checking in on our pipes and plumbing to take care of them. Small leaks, rust or damage could have occurred in our plumbing throughout the winter and can create a big headache if left untreated. A simple check-in and walk-through by you or a Maple Ridge plumber from Mr. Swirl could diagnosis a problem long before it becomes a plumbing emergency.


Get those Renovations Done!


Every homeowner in the Lower Mainland has a renovation that they’d love to get done somewhere in the back of their head. Well, why not this summer? With the chance to be able to host guests again, impress your friends with that great renovation you’ve always dreamed off. A new bathroom or kitchen renovation is the type of plumbing project that we love to do in the summer. With more time on your hands and great weather to work in, get that renovation done this summer!


Summer is here and at Mr. Swirl we couldn’t be more excited! However, with the warm weather comes a couple of concerns for your plumbing. With the increased usage of water and having more time on your hands, this summer is the perfect time to deal with the plumbing repairs, plumbing installations or renovations you’ve been putting off. We hope that with these plumbing tips and tricks we can help you avoid some plumbing emergencies and that stressful call for a Coquitlam or Maple Ridge plumber.

Although Mr. Swirl can take on your emergency plumbing needs as well, we want to see you avoid them! So if you are from anywhere in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley or Greater Vancouver Area we hope you enjoy a great summer and follow these tips for a safe and stress-free plumbing summer.