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Mr. Swirl The Friendly Plumber has been Richmond’s most trusted plumber since 1999. Mr. Swirl The Friendly plumber of Richmond BC has been serving Steveston, Thompson, Seafair, Blundell, City Centre, Brighouse, Steveston, Broadmoor, Shellmont, Gilmore, Garden City, Lackner, Ash Street, Steveston North, Riverdale, Sea Island, McLennan, Hamilton, Bridgeport, Westwind, McNair, Ironwood, Aberdeen Village, McLellan South, Mitchell Island, Mofatt, North Granville, Oval Village, Quilchena, Riverdale, Saunders.

We also serve Boyde Park, British Columbia Packers, Capstan Village, Central West, Dover Crossing, East Cambie, East Livingstone, Historic Steveston Village, London – Princess, South Arm, St Albans, Terra Nova, West Cambie, and Woodwards.

Mr. Swirl is the trusted plumber in Richmond, BC providing 24-hour emergency plumbing, and drain cleaning services. We also service and install water heaters 24 hours a day. Any plumbing task that you need Mr. Swirl of Richmond BC can do.

We provide fast dispatch services to all neighbourhoods of Richmond, BC. We also comply with all COVID-19 requirements and safe social distancing practices.

Mr. Swirl of Richmond provides licensed plumbing and drainage services in Richmond. When choosing Mr. Swirl, you can count on quality work with workmanship guaranteed on all plumbing jobs.

Mr. Swirl is a plumbing and gas fitting company that serves Richmond, BC for home services and commercial plumbing.

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We provide services such as hot water tank replacement and repair, hydrojetting, septic system issues, replacing Poly-B, repiping and installing brand new plumbing fixtures.

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The job of replacing the faucet was complicated by the fact that the installer of our granite countertop had not drilled a large enough hole for the various water lines to pass through easily, and the original faucet installation had therefore been done in a makeshift way, such that the faucet would not stay firmly in place. Our plumber Matt was very patient in trying several different possible replacements to find one that would work and then modified the set-up under the counter so that the new faucet fits tight and snug. We had used Mr. Swirl before at our previous home and were very pleased with the service then, and we are once again very happy with the service provided now.

Ian S.

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Residential Plumbing

Mr. Swirl's residential plumbing services are available in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Call Mr. Swirl to schedule an appointment and we'll send one of our friendly plumbers to your home.

We have licensed gas-fitters that have the knowledge with the latest systems such as on-demand water heaters.

A new water heater requires careful calculation to ensure that the right capacity water heater is installed in your home. We will ensure that the right size and appropriate capacity of water heater is what you need before installing your new hot water heater.

Commercial Plumbing

Building managers and strata council members always appreciate when a Mr. Swirl certified and licensed plumber is required.

Mr. Swirl maintains commercial boilers in Greater Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. This is why we're seen as the top plumbing companies in Vancouver.

When difficult issues are presented, you can trust Mr. Swirl to handle the hardest, most toughest plumbing jobs.

If you need to find a plumber in Vancouver to deal with a tough problem, we'll be pleased to handle that job for you.

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