Water Line Replacement Coquitlam, Poco & Port Moody


Having your water line replaced in Coquitlam has never been so easy! Mr. Swirl the Friendly Plumber gives you plenty of options, with the best prices and best service on a water line replacement you’ve ever seen.

A broken water main or leaking water line will ruin anyone’s day but let us get you back to your schedule faster than any other plumber in the Tri-Cities. That’s right, Mr. Swirl delivers water line replacements to the whole Tri-Cities area! Port Moody and Port Coquitlam can also get our friendly service on water main repairs and installations.

If you don’t know about your water line or water main it’s time to learn! Your main water line is the line that brings in potable water from the city’s reserve directly into your home for your consumption. Without a properly functioning water line, your house can not operate even closely to it’s full potential.

Unfortunately, things can always go wrong and we see more and more broken water mains in Coquitlam, Poco and Port Moody than ever before. Our friendly plumbers can diagnose the waterline, get to your job site fast, and get the job done right, the first time. It’s clear why Mr. Swirl is the best plumber in the Tri-Cities area when you hire us to complete a water line replacement!

Jean-Luc was very informative and professional. I know my older home has a drainage issue and he was right on top of it. The job was done in good time and he cleaned up so well afterwards. He gave me great options on how to continue with the maintenance. It was very easy to book an appointment, there was even a same day option. Other places had told me up to a month wait unless it was an emergency. I also really appreciated that the office sent a text message with the technician’s name and photo prior to their arrival so you know who to expect. I thought the price was fair for all the work/equipment used and how well it was cleaned up. You get free socks too! 🙂

M. Poropat

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Trenchless Water Line Replacements


Mr. Swirl the Friendly Plumber now offers trenchless water line replacements, repairs and installations. What does that mean? Well, we can replace your water line without the digging!

The forlorn part about water main repairs is that they require a trench to be built along the entire water line. This trench is generally in your front yard and requires a lot of space and quite frankly makes a large mess of your yard during installation. But now, with trenchless water line technology, you don’t need to worry.

Instead of having this big long trench in your yard, Mr. Swirl’s trenchless water line replacements require minimal digging.

We’ll only dig one small hole at either end of the water line, then slowly feed in the new line at it’s optimal angle until it reaches the other ends. Once the new water line is installed, we’ll test it and make sure everything is running smoothly, then we will slowly pull out the old water line right next to it.

There are many advantages to trenchless water line replacements, repairs and installations and Mr. Swirl is so happy to offer these services to our highly valued customers in Coquitlam, Poco and Port Moody.

Schedule an appointment to have a trenchless water main repair be done in the Tri-Cities area now!

Water Line Replacement Coquitlam, Poco &Amp; Port Moody | Mr Swirl
Where do we Serve Water Line Replacements?

Where do we Serve Water Line Replacements?


Mr. Swirl, the Friendly Plumber serves everyone, everywhere at anytime! If you’re in Port Moody, Coquitlam or Port Coquitlam, we’re the plumbers to install your water line. We’re the friendliest plumbers in the neighborhood and we have over 20 years of experience installing, replacing and repairing water mains in the Tri-Cities area.


If you’re not located in the Tri-Cities Area, we do serve water line replacements, repairs and installations in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and the entire Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver Area.


Who do we Serve Water Line Replacements to?

Who do we Serve Water Line Replacements to?


Business owners and residential homeowners alike can also experience the great water line services of Mr. Swirl. We’ve been in the game for over 20 years and have completed countless water lines repairs for homes in poco and businesses in Port Moody. We share the love when it comes to our friendly water line plumbers.


Strata property managers in the Tri-Cities and all over the Lower Mainland can also get water line replacements done by Mr. Swirl. We leave no stone unturned, and nobody left without a properly functioning water main.

When do we Serve Water Line Replacements?

When do we Serve Water Line Replacements?


24 HOURS, 7 DAYS A WEEK! Yup, Mr. Swirl is open 24/7/365 even on holidays and weekends to get your water line replacement done. Our emergency phone line is always on after business hours and our friendly water line plumbers are constantly on-call to repair your water main. So, if you wake up early on a Sunday morning and notice water leaking in your front yard, skip the “emergency plumber near me” search and just call Mr. Swirl. Our emergency phone line is always open at 604-435-4664

Signs that you may Need a Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Signs that you may Need a Trenchless Water Line Replacement


Water Leaking in Front Yard

If there is water leaking in your front yard, this a huge indicator that something with your water line is wrong. We hate to see customers with beautiful yards in Pitt Meadows or Port Coquitlam have them flooded, so have us quickly do a trenchless water main repair to get you back to normal as soon as possible.



Decreasing Water Pressure Over Time

With the increased development in the Lower Mainland, more properties are using water and slowly taking away your water pressure. The best way to restore your water pressure permanently is have Mr. Swirl perform a trenchless water line replacement.


Water Damage Around your Property

Water damage is the worst, and can even be very dangerous to you and your property. If you keep running into water damage in and around your property, it’s quite likely that there is a problem with your water main. Have a friendly Mr. Swirl water line plumber assess the problem and find out if a trenchless water main repair is the best option for you.


An Odour or Discolouration to Your Water

A common symptom of a water main malfunction that property owners often overlook is a discolouration or odour coming from their water. This could be a symptom of many issues, but having a plumber assess your water line can never hurt, as a disaster could be avoidable.

Water Line Repair, Replacement and Installation Service Areas

Water Line Repair, Replacement and Installation Service Areas


Mr. Swirl the Friendly Plumber delivers water line repairs and trenchless water main replacements to the whole Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver, but here are a few of our favourite places in the Tri-Cities Area to serve:



Austin Heights

Barber Street


Birchland Manor

Burke Mountain





College Park

Coquitlam Town Centre


Eagle Ridge


Fraser Mills



Harbour Chines

Harbour Place

Heritage Woods



Laurentian Belaire

Lincoln Park

Lower Mary Hill


Mary Hill



New Horizons

Oxford Heights

Park Ridge Estates


Ranch Park


River Springs

Scott Creek

Sullivan Heights

United Boulevard

Westwood Plateau



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