Water lines are confusing! Chances are if you’re even researching water lines and water mains you’ve probably just experienced a plumbing emergency or have water leaking into your front yard. Unfortunately, we’re seeing these water line emergencies in Maple Ridge happen more and more. Water main breaks just suck all together but Mr. Swirl is here to help! Our Maple Ridge water line replacement plumbers are highly trained and experienced and in this blog we’ll use their knowledge to break down everything you need to know about water lines and water mains in Maple Ridge.

What is a Water Main?

Your water main and water line are responsible for bringing you fresh potable water into your Maple Ridge home. The water comes from the City of Maple Ridge’s water source and is safe to use in your home. The water line is the pipe that water travels through to get to your house where it is safely delivered to the demanding fixtures. You can find your water main located on your water meter which actually measures the amount of water traveling through your water line. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on the make of your house and the demand required.

Also in your house, you can find the main shutoff valve which is directly correlated to your water main. Turning your main water shutoff valve off will completely cut off all water coming into your house. In the case of a flood, a heavily leaking pipe, burst hot water tank or other plumbing emergencies it is important to know where your main shutoff valve is located so you can limit the water damage created.

Over time you should check in on your main shutoff valve to make sure it is working properly, it could save you a disaster! If you do notice any malfunctions, Mr. Swirl the Friendly Maple Ridge Plumber are experts in replacing main water shutoff valves!

Overall, the water main is just about the most important part of any plumbing system anywhere. Without the water coming from the City of Maple Ridge and going directly to your home, there is no toilets, sinks, showers or hoses. It is ever most important to know about you water main and water line to avoid disaster and be a responsible homeowner.

Signs There Might be Something Wrong with you Water Line


In Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows we are unfortunately seeing more and more leaking water lines and in result there is more and more water line installations taking place. The increased development of these areas is causing the stress on water mains to heavily increase! Although at Mr. Swirl we’re water line replacement experts, a water line replacement is a huge headache for any homeowner. Here are a few signs that something might be wrong with your water line.

  • Whistling, bubbling or banging noises in your pipes
  • Water leaking in front yard.
  • Puddle of water in front yard.
  • Any sort of water damage found on your property.
  • Extremely high water bills with no change in usage.
  • No access to water.
  • Lower than normal water pressure.
  • Slight discolouration in your water.
  • An unusual odour coming from your water.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to call the water line replacement Maple Ridge experts. We hate to see floods and water damage and we will help you minimize the damage and chance of emergency.

Whose Responsibility is a Water Main Replacement


There is a big debate and misunderstanding over whose responsibility covering the cost of a water line replacement is. Often water main and water line repairs will be covered either by the city of Maple Ridge or your insurance company. However, more often than not they will require you to get it fixed by a Maple Ridge plumber and they will simply endure the cost. Better yet, the city is not allowed to refer you directly to a plumber.

Therefore, getting your water line repaired will still be up to you in terms of hiring a plumber and getting the job done. At this stage, you should already know what to do! Call Mr. Swirl the Friendly Maple Ridge plumber. We’re open 24/7 for emergency water line leaks and broken water mains and we will work with the city or your insurance company make sure there is no headache for you!

How Much does a Water Line Replacement in Maple Ridge Cost?


At this point, you must be wondering what is the water line replacement cost. It’s the question that every homeowner wants to know. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. The price of a water line replacement can really vary! Many times a replacement might not even be needed, water line repairs can solve the issue or what appears to be a broken water line could be as simple as a clogged drain.

Either way our handy plumbing inspection cameras will be able to diagnose your water line and where the problem is. The truth is we’ve came to water line jobs and it could be as minimal as a few hundred dollars to repair a small part, or a large job with a complex water line replacement could total over ten thousand dollars. As annoying as it is, you’ll never know until you have the water line assessed. Call out one of our friendly Maple Ridge plumbers to inspect and diagnose the water line and we’ll solve the issue quickly on-site or create a thorough and honest estimate before starting the work.

Everything About Water Lines In Maple Ridge Water Line | Mr Swirl


We hope with the help of this blog, you have a bit more understanding of your water lines and water main in Maple Ridge. Water line emergencies do happen and in that case, skip the “plumber near me” search and just call Mr. Swirl! Mr. Swirl specializes in water line repairs in Maple Ridge however we also do water line replacements in Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam, Poco, Mission, Langley, Surrey, New West, Burnaby, Port Moody, Richmond, White Rock, Burnaby, Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver Area and whole Lower Mainland. If you need water line replacements, book us online now or call a Mr. Swirl Maple Ridge plumber at 604-435-4664